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We’re not like eBay, we take a customized approach to selling for our clients. Everyone’s priority is to maximize their return, after that, we consider timing, location, market conditions, and much more. This is usually a short phone call to get to know you and your equipment better.

In this conversation we’ll discuss the service options we can offer. From holding a live-onsite event with custom marketing strategy, equipment setup and transport, food service and complete company engagement or simply submitting photos and descriptions for one of our online auctions.


We keep this part simple. Our contracts outline that you are the owner, you want to sell it and you have all the documents needed.

  • Online – we’ll coordinate for professional auction photos to be taken
  • Offsite – we’ll give you delivery information for drop off
  • Onsite – we’ll schedule setup and all the other tasks that go into getting ready for an auction.


In just 10-14 days you’ll get paid for your sales. We handle all collections and come up with a plan for how buyers will pick up. If you’re ready to sell, then you’re ready to move on, we want to finish this process as quickly and simply as possible.

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If you’re ready to sell, we’re ready to help. Fill out your contact and item information below and it will go directly to one of our auctioneers. We will be in contact with you right away.

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