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If you need an appraisal for any reason, you can trust our team of professionals to get you the most reliable and accurate information possible.

Appraisals Services

We regularly perform appraisals of personal property, commercial equipment and motor vehicles for:

  • Banks
  • Attorneys
  • Estates
  • Divorce Proceedings
  • Business Evaluations
  • Foreclosures

To submit an appraisal, please contact us:

Our Expertise

Inherent to the auction profession is the necessity to have specific knowledge and expertise on the items you are selling. An auctioneer who is familiar with what he or she is selling is able to accurately represent the item to potential buyers based on the item’s specific characteristics that give it value. The buyers then translate that value into dollars and cents. This process is what makes Roy Teitsworth Inc. experts in valuating personal property, specifically, commercial machinery and motor vehicles.

Our Approach

We approach each appraisal with two primary objectives in mind: accurate valuation and sensitivity to the situation. First, it is paramount that we assign an accurate value to each item we assess. Our clients are concerned with learning what the current market will bear for their items. As auctioneers, we are in tune with the ever-fluid marketplace and understand that the value of an item changes with the current economic conditions. We pride ourselves on knowing the market and providing our clients with verifiable information that they can rely on. Secondly, strive to be sensitive to our clients’ needs and their particular situation. Assessing the value of someone else’s goods is a responsibility we approach carefully. Fully understanding the goals of all persons involved, the reasons for the appraisal, and the circumstances surrounding the appraisal is crucial to appropriately interacting with all vested parties.

With these two things in mind Roy Teitsworth Inc has become the preferred appraisers for many banks, lawyers and businesses in New York state. Our goal is to conduct each appraisal in a timely manner, which often means that we can get final figures to our clients within one week of inspection. Professionalism, quick turn- around, and accurate, market-based valuations are some of the reasons people have chosen Roy Teitsworth Inc for their personal property appraisal needs. Please contact us if we can be of service to you.

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