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Open Positions:

Administrative Specialist (20-30 Hours per week):

You’re looking for a new job that offers engaging work with fun people. A job that’s financially rewarding but not mentally taxing. You want all this in a modern and comfortable environment that isn’t too far away.

Well… We’re looking for you.

Business growth in 2023 has us looking for more help to handle client and team member responsibilities. RTI needs a sharp individual who is capable of bookkeeping responsibilities, customer support calls and other internal process management.

You’ll be asked to handle the following:

  • Motor vehicle paperwork
  • Invoicing, bill paying and regular financial reports
  • Incoming client support calls
  • Organizational projects

This part-time position will consist of areas of independent responsibility and team support. RTI seeks to position team members to utilize their strengths to the fullest extent and tailor tasks and responsibilities to their individual talents. Team members are expected to learn, grow and develop their skills to better contribute to the company. As this happens, job descriptions change with capabilities.

You must be familiar with:

  • Financial processes and bookkeeping
  • Common office software
  • Working in a fast-paced, team centered environment

We’re looking for the type of person who wants to work independently while contributing to team and company goals. To apply, submit your resume to

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