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Timed Auction

The Estate of Joe Harper Welding Business NetAuction

June 23, 2022

Auction starts at:

6:00 pm

Online Bidding Available

All Lots are available online on our bidding platform.

The Estate of Joe Harper Welding Business Online Auction

Opens June 23rd at 6:00pm

Closing starts June 27th at 6pm


Items located in West Monroe, NY

Open inspection on June 25th only.


Selling welding truck, dozer, crane, Lincoln car, loader, welders, shop tools, lots of new and scrap steel, older trucks. A great variety.


Lot # Description
1 2006 Lincoln Town Car. In good shape.
2 2002 Ford F-350 XL Super Duty welding truck, all aluminum body, built by Mr. Harper, sells setup and ready to work with Lincoln SA200 welder, air compressor, tools, hoses, winch, 101K, 5 speed standard transmission.
3 Lincoln SA300 gas powered DC welder with leads, trailer mounted.
4 IH T9 crawler with Trackson swing crane, runs and works ok.
5 Lincoln trailer mounted SAF600 welder.
5A 2022 Gatormade 16 GT-XT tandem trailer, 10,400lb GVW, never registered. S/N S010290.
6 2004 GMC Sierra Regular Cab with cap. keys, title, not running
7 2000 Ford F-150. keys, title, not running. comes with Curtis 6ft plow
8 2001 Ford F-150 XLT extended cab. keys, title, not running.
9 Bronco 2 XLT. key, title, not running
10 6 foot hydroturn plow
11 Approx 25 steel joists, approx 24ft long x 18in deep
12 (2) Rolls of green chain link fence
22 One lot of various scrap metal, lawn tractor, dodge pickup, contents of shed, approx 20 plus ton
23 (2) Older portable welders, unknown condition
24 Trailer mounted test pump
25 Large lof of scrap, 4 welders, I-beam, pipe, heavy flat industrial saw, winch and more
26 1999 GMC Sierra. keys, title, not running
27 Dodge Power Wagon with winch, not running
27A IH 340? crawler tractor with blade, not running
27B Older straight frame 4WD loader, 4WD with GM diesel, runs and operates
27C Cat D6 dozer, straight blade with tilt, runs, operates and steers, Pony motor needs work,  S/N 9N16307
27D Good set of 60% tread tracks for D6 Cat
28 Lincoln SA200 gas powered welder
30 (2) Pallets of miscellaeous plate steel
31 Pallet of several lifting log chains
32 (2) 2-wheel carts
34 Pallet of chains and hooks
35 Quantity of (5) steel horses
36 (4) Propane tanks and radiator
37 (2) Steel ladders
38 Truck bumper and clamp on forks, electric hoist
40 8x8x10ft H beam
42 Air compressor and diamond plate
43 Diesel air compressor, 1192 hrs., condition unknown
44 Lincoln SA200 welder, inoperable
45 2-wheel cart
46 DR stump grinder
47 Large clamps, track jack, vice and more
48 Pallet of shop lights and cords
49 Apache diesel 8500S generator
50 Steel shelter
50A Steel shelter, half tank, no legs
51 Pallet with clamp on forks and chain
52 Gate approx 30ft chain link
53 Van trailer for storage
54 Cutting table
55 Adjustable welding table with vice
56 Older Davis trencher – backhoe and trailer, has not been used in several years
57 Hyster S70E propane forklift, runs and operates
58 (2) Floor jacks, tires and wheels
59 (3) Heaters
60 Pallet of clamps and come alongs
61 Pallet of tarps
62 Pallet jack
63 Air bumper jacks
64 Pallet of antifreeze, oil cans and helmets, creeper
65 Stools, cart
66 Lifting beam
67 Adjustable table
68 (3) Torch carts
69 Dyna-GLO heater
70 (6) Jack stands
71 Jack stands
72 Portable log splitter with gas engine
73 Pallet of clamps, hooks, pullies and come alongs
74 Miscellaneous pallet, small anvil, pullies, grinder and miscellaneous
75 Clamps and come alongs
76 Short lengths of new steel
77 Welders table with contents
78 (2) Pallets of miscellaneous steel and aluminum
80 Adjustable table with contents
81 John Deere lawn tractor, not running
82 Old, old chainsaw
83 Ranger pickup, not running
84 (2) Step ladders
85 Adjustable drill press on rolling cart
86 Sanders, Port-A-Power, chain jack, hardware
87 Welding leads, torch hose
88 Troy Bilt chipper shredder
89 Spray rig with electric pump
90 Lawn roller
91 DR chipper
92 (2) Gas engine stand by generators
93 Pallet of oil and lubes
94 Rolling rack
95 Rack with large amount of welding leads and torch hose
96 Stand with torch hose, hooks, eyes and pullies
97 (3) Shop stands
98A Lot of sheet and short steel
98B Lot of new bar, tube and round steel, identify with the paint mark
98C Very large lot of short steel, several ton
100 JDM tractor, was in good working order when parked inside 2 years ago
101 Small york rake
102 Pull type spin spreader
103 Homemade ramps
104 Wheel Horse tractor mower
105 Sickle bar mower
106 Sunline camper. last inspected 2017, 20ft, recently cleaned by owners
106A Garden cart
106B Older Aero Craft boat and trailer
107 Ingersoll Rand 2 stage air compressor on trailer
107A Scaffolding
107B Wood splitter with power unit, trailer mounted
108 Pallet of hardware
109 Pallet of C clamps
110 Radiator
111 Atlas hydraulic shop press
112 Large fan
113 Tank jack, steel
114 Copper pipe, leads, belt
115 New and used oil and lubes
116 Pallet of hammers and tools
117 Chain and cord rack, wood stand with tools
118 (2) Pallets, crane pads and heavy steel
119 Canoe
120 Heater and (2) large fans
121 Vice, motor, straps, hardware
122 Clamps, Iron pieces, left tools
123 (2) Grinders
200 Wood pile
201 Shop built wood furnace
202 Drill bits
203 Wood cabinet with easy outs, chasers and taps, drills. heat gun
204 (3) Tap and die sets
205 Steel rack with miscellaneous steel
206 11ft Steel work bench with vice and miscellaneous hardware rack, full
207 Engines, winch, jack under bench
208 Large drill press with bits
209 Overhead hoist
210 Rack with tools
211 (3) Racks with bars, clamps and wrenches
212 Pipe wrenches and breaker bar
213 Adjustable wrenches and pipe wrenches
214 Adjustable wrenches
215 Pipe wrenches and vice grips
215A Miscellaneous lot
216 Pullers and tools
217 (3) Grinders
218 Pipe wrenches
219 Barrel of shop cloths
220 3/4 Impact wrench, and breaker bar, several big sockets
221 Snap On tool box loaded with tools
222 Rack with 1in impact, C-clamps
223 Tool box, full of socket sets and other wrenches
224 Creeper
225 220 Extension cord
226 Tool box with air tools and fine tools
227 Large drill bit set
228 Vice and riveter
229 Torque wrench and ratchets
230 Pullers
231 Large combo wrenches
232 Ball joint service set and charger
233 Port-O-Power foot pump
234 Large combo wrenches
235 Cabinet with sander, wrenches, and other tools
236 Rolling cart with Cobramatic II, Power Max cutter and other welding supplies
237 Drill press 110V with clamps, vice, vice grips and other tools
238 Stand with air scablers, chisels and rock
239 (3) Hydraulic jacks
240 (3) Hydraulic jacks
241 (3) Air hydraulic jacks
242 (3) Hydraulic jacks
243 Horizontal bandsaw
244 Rack with several grinders, saws, clamps and more
245 Air grinder and wrenches
246 1in impact wrenches
247 Lincoln SP130T welder with cart
248 Stand with power grease guns
249 Napa charger
250 Sand blast pot
251 Thermal Dynomics Pak Master 100XL
252 Chrysler boat motor with gas cans
253 Travel welder kit, rod and power feed welder
253A Small welder
253B Power washer
254 Sand blast pot
254A Stihl and Poulan chainsaws
254B (2) Poulan chainsaws
255 Cut off saw
255A Pole saw
256 Grinders and drills
256A Pole saw and string trimmer
257 Milwaukee band saw
257A (4) Boxes with pipe threader, drills
258 Grinder and drill
258A Platform scales
259 Grinder, drill and saw
259A Shop crane with air operated chain hoist, will need to be cut for transport
260 New shop drill press
260A Wheel barrow with wrenches and cordless tools
260B Corner contents with rack and oil station
261 Grinders and sander
261A Old large drill press, includes 2 cabinets full of bits and other supplies
262 Tool box (full) plus items in corner and on floor, chain
263 Stand with clamps and miscellaeous
264 Floor jack
265 Rack with drils and lifters
266 Air greaser drum
267 1in sockets
268 Hand metal bender
269 Rack with sockets, drills and tools
270 Rack with hammers
271 Ingersoll Rand upright 5hp air compressor
272 Heavy bars and wall contents
273 Large toolbox, full of tools, air tools, sockets and more
274 Contents of room including air compressor
275 Tool box, loaded
276 Kama bandsaw
277 Rack with several Port-A-Powers and more
278 Rack and corner with contents
279 Hardware kits
280 Balance of wall with hardware kits, tools, rod and oil barrell
281 Hardware bins and steel rack with contents
282 (2) Tall bolt bins and hardware on floor
283 Refrigerator with welding rod, full
284 Redy rod and hardware
285 Lincoln Idealarc 300/300 welder with long leads (Joe’s favorite)
287 Pallet of welding rod
288 (3) Hydraulic jacks
289 3/4 bar with torque multiplye
290 (10) Hardware kits
291 (2) Boxes of combo wrenches,, grinder, saws, adjustable wrenches.
292 (2) Grinders, torque wrenches, clamps, impact and more
293 Drill kits and wrenches
294 Sockets, torque wrench, Snap On sockets
295 Hardware kits and shop supplies
296 Steel lifter
297 Pallet of welding rod
298 (11) Pieces of dremels, hardware kits, grinder, pullers, pliers

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